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The life of a business woman : ETLV STMG

Par SYLVAIN DARPHEUILLE, publié le mardi 1 décembre 2020 13:38 - Mis à jour le mardi 1 décembre 2020 15:36
C. Dekeuwer est venue au lycée le 5 novembre 2020. Elle est intervenue auprès des 1STMG12 ,en ETLV, pour leur parler de son parcours, de son expérience professionnelle et de ses valeurs. Cette intervention a été organisée par l'association 100000entr

Last Tuesday, Mrs. Dekeuwer came in our school to speak about her life and all the things she had done before her current job. Let us introduce her.
Mrs. Dekeuwer is the CEO of a toilet company named WECO and she comes in a lot of classes to speak about her life and professional experience. She explained that we have to believe in our dream to succeed.
Mrs. Dekeuwer is 47 years old. She was born in Saint-Etienne; she’s married and has 3 daughters. She did law studies, she went to Poitiers and then Versailles. She did many internships in law firms. She changed many times because some tasks didn’t satisfy her. After she finished to study, she worked as a lawyer and sometime after she went to Romania and South Korea. She really enjoyed that experience but it was a totally different culture. She sometimes found it difficult to integrate herself because in South Korea, women don’t have places in the world of work. She sometimes found it difficult to be a woman because during meetings, she couldn’t speak and the men were sexist.
Since her arrival, she had learnt the language to communicate with many people. When she spoke correctly and understood it, she started to be at-ease. At work, she helped her boss to develop his company. After that she was respected and began to go to some congress. She really loved this culture and the country, but she missed her family. So, after three years in South Korea, she came back to France and worked at LG with South Koreans.
Then, she came back in Saint-Etienne and worked at Casino, but didn’t like it and was fired.
One day, she went to a conference and she talked with a woman, she told her she dreamed to make ecologic toilets. The woman told her that it was a great idea because many countries needed that. So, she created the company WECO.
Mrs Dekeuwer has met difficulties in her career. She is a woman and it’s not easy to earn respect in the business world. But she said.
Xavier, Fabio, Marie-Valentine, Jill, Armand, Thomas, Clara, Mélissa.

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